EANA stands for an independent, pluralistic and free press

May 3rd was declared International Press Freedom Day in 1993 by the United Nations, at the recommendation of UNESCO. Its purpose, which is still applicable today, was to remind governments to respect press freedom and also to remind media professionals to reflect on their professional ethics and principles.

In an increasingly complex media landscape, and in the context of extended disinformation campaigns which are slowly chipping at the basis of the public’s trust in the media, we consider that the principles which stood at the basis of the Windhoek Declaration are more important than ever to uphold, in order for the media to be able to maintain its role as “democracy’s watchdog”, but also to insure its own evolution towards the future.

That is why EANA stands for and promotes an independent, pluralistic and free press as a building block for democracies. We also stress the importance of media being free of any type of pressure, be it political or economic.

We salute all the hardworking journalists who are doing their job even in the most difficult circumstances, driven by the constant search for the truth.

The EANA Board

May 3rd, 2020