Open Letter from EANA to Slovenian Prime Minister Janša: The suspension of financing could only be explained as a form of pressure on the independence of the STA, a conduct that is unacceptable and which we condemn

Pedro Camacho, Chief Innovation Officer of Lusa, 59, dies from Covid-19

EANA supports the independence of STA

Maxim Minchev, director general of Bulgarian news agency BTA, passes away at 67

Press release - EANA held first ever online conference instead of a meeting in person in Kiev

Jiri Majstr (CEO of CTK): Our main efforts aimed at creating a safe environment for our employees and the best service for our clients. I think we succeeded in both areas.

Per-Anders Broberg (CEO and Editor-In-Chief of TT): The Corona pandemic has really shown the need and the value of an independent news agency with a constantly updated news service

Vladimir Puchala (TASR General Director): There’s no time for too much deliberation; quick decisions need to be made. What seemed impossible yesterday has become a matter of course today.

Sergey Mikhaylov (Director General of TASS): The pandemic has brought nothing new to our lives except the virus itself. It only accelerated and activated all the current processes.

Oleksandr Kharchenko (Director General of Ukrinform): It depends on news agencies themselves whether their importance will continue to grow. Those who are not ready for rapid change cannot count on success.

Branka Djukic (Director General of Tanjug): The higher number of Tanjug’s live streaming contributes to the correct, timely and reliable informing of the Serbian public

Kimmo Pietinen (STT CEO): Our newswire is the base upon which the rest of the news media builds their own service

Wojciech Surmacz (PAP President): After the pandemic, digital media has become the primary source of information. The widespread use of 5G technology will fully show the power of new media.

Bojan Veselinovič (General Manager of STA): The ulterior motive behind the proposed amendments to the STA's law is no doubt the desire for political interference in our content production

PA Media Group has won the EANA Award for Excellence in News Agency Quality 2020

Mads Yngve Storvik (Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of NTB): The corona-crisis demonstrated how important newswires are for the media industry

Open Letter from the Board of EANA to the President of Slovenia, to the Speaker of the National Assembly and to the Prime-minister

Clive Marshall (CEO of PA Media Group): Independent, impartial, trusted news agencies are the perfect antidote to disinformation

Elmir Huremovic (FENA director general): During the coronavirus pandemic the Federal News Agency FENA has launched two projects to meet the needs of its users, but also the needs of the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Branka Vojvodic (HINA's director general): The corona-crisis has forced us to quickly progress in digitalisation and in the development of a proper online working system

Peter Kropsch (CEO of dpa): dpa's work contributes directly to the democratic society that we intend to hand over to our children some day

Martijn Bennis (ANP CEO): The Covid crisis highlights the importance of the press agency. Facts and expertise have gained in importance because there are so many uncertainties surrounding the virus

Gabriela Cañas (EFE President): We are strengthening EFEVerifica, dedicated to fact-checking all the suspicious news and stories that are poisoning the truth

George Penintaex (CNA director): CNA has increased the number of its clients thus increasing its revenues and at the same time there was a reduction of running expenses

Armela Krasniqi (ATA Director General): The future of media, and that of news agencies in particular, concerns its credibility, as the main challenge

Maxim Minchev (BTA Director General): It was mainly the news agencies who carried out the information campaign during the pandemic

Aslan Aslanov (AZERTAC Chairman of the Board): Based on statistics, I can say that during the quarantine regime, access to our information increased by 40 percent.

Senol Kazanci (Anadolu Agency President of the Executive Board and General Director): We believe that news agencies will be more important than ever after this pandemic

Clemens Pig (APA President and CEO): During Corona we experienced an increased use of all formats of the APA editorial team. In the field of publishing offers, we even registered a tenfold increase.

Alex Teres (ANA VP): The agency's news production has increased by approximately 50%

Claudia Nicolae (AGERPRES Director General): News agencies have to prove once more that they are in the first line of providing real information

Eftychios Pallikaris, President and Director General of ANA-MPA: In the medium-term, we’re looking to capitalise on the lessons learned

Fabrice Fries, AFP President: We must count on our own efforts to protect our profit margin

EANA stands for an independent, pluralistic and free press

EANA expresses concern and dismay over closure of Australian Associated Press (AAP)

EANA condemns Egyptian security forces’ raid on Anadolu Agency’s office in Cairo